The 8th Annual Redcliffe Research Conference took place on 15th October in Bristol. The day represented a leap in the collective thinking about early years research in Bristol and beyond.

With delegates from a wide range of settings and locations, there was a palpable sense of passion for the role of research in creating outstanding early years provision. The key message was that research needs to be built into any framework for self-improvement and should underpin everything that happens in any educational setting.

Research Displays

Displays of current research projects were available to view, with subjects including Reflections and Research in ICT, the Redcliffe Children’s Centre Food Project and developing outdoor learning space.

Ethics in research, the identification of a research question, best practice for collecting data and book recommendations were all highlighted through the range of creative displays.


Dr Sara Bubb, Institute of Education, shared her wide experience of research development in schools and teaching schools.

Nicola Theobald (Spiral Associates) presented a case study of school based research and innovation at The Mead Primary School, Trowbridge.

Elizabeth Carruthers (Redcliffe Children’s Centre and Nursery School) talked about embedding a research culture into a nursery school environment.

Margaret Mulholland’s ‘Built in Not Bolt on‘ was an inspirational presentation on the development of a research informed learning community across the Swiss Cottage Teaching Alliance.

Sue Cook, Specialist Leader for ITT at Redcliffe shared her experience of the importance of ethics in research.

Full details of each of these talks is available here.