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Communication, Language and Literacy



Seeing the Maths

Researcher(s): Helen Barnett, Judy Burton and Beth Setting(s): Status: Ongoing The research team profiles Beth has worked in a variety of settings within Early Years for 15 years. These include pre-school, Sure Start Children’s Centres, a Primary School and private...

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Mathematical engagement

Researcher(s): Kirsty Damsel Setting(s): Redfield Educate Together Status: Ongoing Kirsty would like to find ways to open up the maths in the classroom so that the children are choosing to do maths during their independent learning. She has looked at many questions...

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A mastery approach

Researcher(s): Fiona Wasiewicz Setting(s): Colston's Primary Status: Ongoing Fiona began by looking at whole class teaching. She then looked at the Shanghai Model and has tried using what she terms 'call and response maths'. From the different things Fiona has...

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Encouraging maths in free flow

Researcher(s): Anna Crisp Setting(s): Dolphin School Status: Ongoing Anna explored lots of different open-ended resources and changed the provision, introducing clicker counters where the children are surveying each other, sand timers and carpet books for making marks...

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Independent problem solving

Researcher(s): Naimah Mahmood Setting(s): Andalusia Academy Currently in Year 2 the children are very dependent on teacher led activities. They constantly look for reassurance on different mathematical strategies when given a problem to solve.  From this the above...

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Mathematically informed data

Researcher(s): Jayne Coller Setting(s): Christchurch Pre-School Status: Ongoing Christchurch has noticed that 'number' appears lower in their data, and during an Ofsted visit Jayne made a recommendation to further develop number in the nursery. As a result of this,...

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Mathematical play

Researcher(s): Joanna Smith Setting(s): The Southville Centre Status: Ongoing Joanna was inspired by the maths course at Redcliffe and felt challenged by the idea of not testing children with questions such as ‘how many’? Joanna would really like to move away from...

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Birth to Three

The Being Two Project

Researcher(s): Donna Robinson and Helen Payne Setting(s):  Rosemary Early Years Centre and Redcliffe Children’s Centre Status: Findings published The aims of the project are: • To develop a more critical and reflective and differentiated pedagogy to meet the needs of...

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Ukeleles and more…

Ukeleles and more…

Researcher(s): Helen Hogg, Bill Roberts & Matt Caldwell Setting(s): Knowle West Children's Centre Status: Findings published Through this project we hope that we will: Raise the profile of Early Years music. Become better musicians ourselves. Be spontaneous music...

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Outdoor Learning


Researcher(s): Pete Moorhouse Setting(s): St Werburgh’s Park Nursery School Status: Ongoing Investigating the impact of the nursery school environment on young children’s learning, development and wellbeing. Researching the effect and responses of environmental...

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