Research Question: How do we get children really engaged in mathematical activities?

Researcher(s): Kirsty Damsel

Setting(s): Redfield Educate Together

Status: Ongoing

Kirsty would like to find ways to open up the maths in the classroom so that the children are choosing to do maths during their independent learning. She has looked at many questions and developed her thinking through reading  and observations within the classroom. She has filmed herself teaching and analysed this. She has now asked the children what maths they would like to learn and will lead a carpet session on their ideas.

A note about Practitioner led Mathematical Research 2017


The Bristol Early Years Consortium Maths SLEs have received funding from the Boolean Maths Hub to:

  • Develop specialist subject knowledge of mathematics teaching.
  • Develop pedagogical knowledge of mathematics teaching.
  • Improve the quality of mathematics teaching.
  • Develop confidence and resilience in learning mathematics.

The SLEs as research mentors are using research as a form of CPD to achieve the above aims. 

The research participants have sculpted their own questions for their research and the SLEs will meet with the research participants 6 times a year and have whole research group meetings three times a year. There are 15 teacher/practitioner researchers who work with children from two years old to seven years old.