Research Question: How can we develop children's mark making to support their mathematical graphics?

Researcher(s): Emma Davies

Setting(s): Bannerman Road

Status: Findings published

The children were reluctant to make marks so Emma has been developing this within her setting.

She has looked at a range of observations and analyses them to look at the maths that was happening in the classroom.

A note about Practitioner led Mathematical Research 2017


The Bristol Early Years Consortium Maths SLEs have received funding from the Boolean Maths Hub to:

  • Develop specialist subject knowledge of mathematics teaching.
  • Develop pedagogical knowledge of mathematics teaching.
  • Improve the quality of mathematics teaching.
  • Develop confidence and resilience in learning mathematics.

The SLEs as research mentors are using research as a form of CPD to achieve the above aims. 

The research participants have sculpted their own questions for their research and the SLEs will meet with the research participants 6 times a year and have whole research group meetings three times a year. There are 15 teacher/practitioner researchers who work with children from two years old to seven years old.