Examining the need for music education pedagogies that are sensitive to and serve the needs of multi-ethnic and multi-religious populations.

Researcher(s): Susan Young

Setting(s): Redcliffe Children’s Centre, Bristol


Young, S. (2014) Visible Thinking: the Performance Arts Club. A study at St Judes, Easton, Bristol and in partnership with Rosemary Nursery, Bristol.

The project team ‘Visible Thinking’, have built up considerable experience over many years of designing and leading projects with young children, refugee and minority communities, in educational and community settings.  They draw on their own skills of music, theatre and dance and can call upon a wide range of multi-skilled musicians and artists to add additional music and organisational skills. This article documents music sessions with parents and children from diverse ethnic communities exploring a wide range of musical instruments, including some from other cultures and some of the elements involved in the sessions